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Security Program Faculty and Staff 

Jerame Ayers

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Ayers has 15 years of experience in numerous capacities within the high end security industry ranging from military, federal to private sector applications specializing in management, business functions, consulting and specialized instruction. Following his completion of service with the US Army, Mr. Ayers accepted a position with the United States Department of State and maintained his deployment overseas in counter terror functions. Mr. Ayers returned stateside after serving time with the regions Consulate General and staff of 2700 diplomatic employees and was responsible with his team for the overall protection of the diplomatic mission. Mr. Ayers returned stateside and obtained a position within the Department of Energy and was responsible with the protection of Special Nuclear Materials and related scientific programs regarding nuclear proliferation. Simultaneous to his Department of Energy service Mr. Ayers continued his experience in the high end security arena. These pursuits for continued professional development lead to key roles in the realm of Executive Protection and evolutionary training efforts throughout California and Internationally. Jerame earned a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration.

Vince Inaudi 

Chief Academic Officer  


Mr. Inaudi is recently retired law enforcement veteran of 25 plus years. He has extensive experience in the law enforcement which included, patrol, report writing, court room testimony, Field Training, impact weapons instructor, Firearms Instructor and defensive tactics. He was promoted to Sergeant where he was directly in-charge of all training, administration/budgeting, special investigations, internal affairs investigations, special operations/command post operations.   He also helped develop and was responsible for, “Continuity of Operations Planning” for the City and was assigned to the County wide Emergency Area Planning Board.  During his career, Mr. Inaudi was assigned to a joint narcotics investigations unit which was supervised by the California Department of Justice, Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement. While assigned, he worked numerous high profile narcotic cases/investigations which included, under-cover narcotic stings, investigations of, Mexican National Methamphetamine Drug Labs and Cartel. These cases were intensive requiring many hours of moving and stationary surveillance including infiltrations, still and video photography. Some of these cases were directly assigned to the United States Attorney General’s Office for Prosecution in Federal Court, Fresno California Division.

Roger Gehring 

20 Year Retired US Navy Seal, Multiple Instructional Disciplines

Lead Physical Protection Instructor

Mr. Gehring Served 20 years as a USN SEAL and retired in September 2006. During his enlistment, Mr. Gehring traveled the world and gained tools of the trade & operational experience.  A summary of his accomplishments are: Certifications in Applied Explosive Course, Mid-South Institute Shaw’s Shooting School, Demolition Range Safety Officer, Diving Supervisor, Range Safety Officer, Advanced Operator Training, Basic Underwater Demolition SEAL Training, Master Training Specialist, Terrorist Level II Training, Small Arms instructor. Roger was the lead Petty Officer Supervisor for Alpha & Delta platoons, JCET exercise to the Republic of Maldives & SEAL Delivery Vehicle Dive Supervisor for Rim Pac 98, supervising 8 complex Naval Special Warfare Diving Operations, & teach second nature response training and dexterity training, to name a few.

Rodney Shockley 

Lead Executive Protection Instructor

A twelve year veteran of the US Navy, Rodney was honorably discharged following a distinguished career in naval aviation and shipboard intelligence. His hard work and dedication earned him several individual awards as well as the opportunity to attend officer candidate school to earn a commission as a naval officer.  Rodney continued his government service with the US Secret Service where he distinguished himself by being designated a USSS firearms instructor in his rookie year, at the time, an unprecedented distinction. Rodney also served as shift lead on the Steve Forbes and senator Bill Bradley protective details during the 2000 Presidential campaign. Rodney's expertise in Advance Protective Security Surveys also earned him the distinction as one of three agents tasked to create the USSS’s Counter Surveillance tactics program. 

Rodney also has over ten years’ experience as an industry trainer having taught, various systems of self-defense and investigative based trainings to name just a few areas. Rodney holds a BA in Sociology from the University of West Florida.

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