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EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) Course at AFPD

Updated: Jul 14, 2019

Academy for Professional Development EMT Training in Modesto, CA

Academy for Professional Development looks to offer at least one EMT Training rotation per month which carries throughout the year. This gives the instructors more time in instruction. Aiding to the development and evolution in that training, keeping the best practices.

Every county EMS authority chooses to conduct scope and practice and every student at AFPD is required to meet National Registry standards and can be found at the following web address., AFPD not only teaches from the approved instruction manual but also what is called "Skills Saturdays". Students that graduate the program not only know theory but are also knowledgeable in practicing the physical skill requirements of being an EMT. They are tested throughout the program on these skills until our instructors see that they are work ready. If interested in becoming an EMT please contact the schools enrollment office that is located in Modesto, CA. 209-300-7822

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