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Executive Protection or Security?

Academy for Professional Development or AFPD receives calls from potential students with one particular question. "What is the difference between being a Security Guard, Body Guard or Bouncer"? How will this certification help me obtain employment?

I personally like to help inquiring students with those questions. The security industry is a large and growing field in security. Executive Protection is often utilized by large companies with individuals that hold a high net worth or such a relevance in a company that should something happen to them the business would fail. Board members of that company often vote for the added protection of these types of individuals and this is where Executive Protection comes into play.

Part of the Executive Protection program covers Threat Assessments, which is the means to quantify the need of security for a person, place, or thing. This can be as simple as adding security cameras to a location, or adding of a roving security guard, increasing security presence in areas subject to criminal activity. Executive Protection is part of the overall security posture.

Often these positions require a number of skill sets, training and mindset to be an effective Executive Protection Security Professional. The Academy for Professional Developments Executive Protection program enables and prepares each student by providing industry standard training. The schools instructors have worked in the military, US State Department, US Secret Service to the private sector.


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