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Emergency Medical Technician Basic Training Program

Many students are asking Academy for Professional Development how their program differs from other schools in the area. Every school must meet minimum requirements as set by, state and federal governments along with various other regulatory entities. Minimum hourly training requirements are set at, 160 hours.

Students can attend an EMT school at one location and find similar materials being utilized at another. Again, the curriculum and minimums to be taught are strictly regulated that all EMT schools must adhere to. There are many schools including ours that utilize a hybrid class structure. Meaning, classes are structured for students who have full time employment be able to attend class around their work schedule. We have tailored our EMT Program to exceed minimum standards.

AFPD provides students the tools necessary to help them succeed as professionals in the field by adding more hours surrounding skills and "immersion" based training. This not only assists our students with passing the National Registry Examination, it provides our students with valuable tools they will utilize in the field, as well as assisting them with obtaining employment. The owners and instructors of the school are dedicated in helping our students from entry to after graduation. We do not close the doors to our alumni after they complete the course. We assist them in other areas which will help them improve their skills and provide them with more tools to help them with finding suitable employment.

EMT Students

AFPD is a disabled veteran owned school were the school utilizes proven medics with experience from the military to provide the most realistic experiences for our student that better prepare our students for what they will see and experience in the field of EMS.

Potential students ask how much and what does the tuition and fees cover? AFPD is not the cheapest school out there and we are not the most expensive school. The school has priced is EMT program based off the schools immersive labs, types of instructors, equipment for students, and scenario recreation like that found on movie sets for an immersive medical experience. This is why the school is priced in the middle to at times the schools runs price specials, financial payment options, grants and scholarships to those that qualify.

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