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Physical Security Specialist Course

(AFPD) Academy for Professional Development Students enrolled in the Physical Protection Program train and conduct realistic on the job training scenarios and leadership development.

Certified Physical Security Specialist Course

Academy for Professional Development Mai

Program Description

​This is a great in depth 27 day course, where students will be challenged in many different individual and group learning environments in order to equip students for leadership rolls. This course is geared toward persons who wish to become more than mid-level manager or shift leaders. The faculty at AFPD have designed this course for individuals who wish to have the working knowledge and the skill sets required to work as Detail leaders or Directors of Security.

Students will learn advanced techniques and principals in executive protection and acquire the ability to manage a team.  

Program Mission

The mission of this program is to provide students with the means to manage an entire security protection detail and the understanding of planning a protective strategy of a security plan for a person, facility, or a combination of both.

Program Objectives

Upon completion of this program, a student will possess the skills necessary to effectively operate in the security and executive protection fields as a protection agent, as well as take on the roles and responsibilities of a shift leader, detail leader, and director of security operations.

Following the lesson plans of this course, students will acquire the skills and knowledge to complete full security and threat assessments and will receive certification.

All courses below are advanced courses with additional hours added in order to facilitate the training needs for managers, supervisors, and directors.

Graduation Requirements

To complete this program, a student must complete all prescribed courses and earn a pass on all course assessments. 

This course is an approved BPPE vocational training course.

Total Clock Hours
Twenty Seven (27) Days / 220 Hours

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2021 Scheduled Start Dates

This 30 day course begins the first week of each month. Please contact us for those specific orientation dates.

If you are a veteran and utilizing VA Benefits please provide your VA letter of approval.


“The instructors at the school have a vast amount of tactical, operational and real world knowledge. This has helped prepare me for a career in Executive Protection"

Steve Pelerin / Executive Protection / Estate Protection Agent

EP Student
PSS Student
EP Graduate

“Being a practitioner myself and having been deployed to working in the industry, the program taught me new fundamentals. I am always a student and AFPD has a professional program taught by instructors of merit".

Danny Fessenden / Executive Protection / EP Agent

Prior Military Graduate
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