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American Heart Association Classes

Pediatric Advanced Life Support: PALS

Instructor Lead

Academy for Professional Development

American Heart Association: Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS)

Pricing: The PALS Initial Course $200 

Recertification/Update/Renewal Course = $160

Additional information for the American Heart Association (AHA) PALS, Pediatric Advanced Life Support Courses can be found below or by visiting The American Heart Association Website at

AFPD main classroom is located in Modesto, California. Our Mobile Training Team is able to service Norther California areas such as Sacramento, San Francisco and the Central Valley areas.

Upon completion of the American Heart Association AHA PALS class students will receive certification card and Continuing Education CE Certificate.

AHA PALS Pre course Study Guide


All Students MUST complete and submit at the time the time of class a certificate of completion for the AHA PALS Course Pre-Test.
Please click the link below to complete the test.

AHA PALS Course Pre-Test Link

On our DOWNLOAD PAGE we have provided several algorithms, check off sheets, skill sheets, case scenarios, and other helpful information to assist you in being prepared for your PALS course. Please take advantage of these downloads.

The PALS course is designed to provide pediatric healthcare providers with the knowledge and skills necessary to efficiently and effectively manage critically ill infants and children and help improve outcomes.

The PALS course covers:

  • recognition and treatment of infants and children at risk for cardiopulmonary arrest

  • the systematic approach to pediatric assessment

  • effective respiratory management

  • defibrillation and synchronized cardioversion

  • intraosseous access and fluid bolus administration

  • effective resuscitation team dynamics


PALS training is intended for professionals who must be credentialed as a requirement for doing their jobs, including:

  • pediatricians

  • emergency room, family, and other physicians

  • physician assistants

  • nurses and nurse practitioners

  • paramedics

  • respiratory therapists

  • other providers required to initiate and direct advanced life support in pediatric emergencies


Students must pass a written exam and skills test in order to qualify for a PALS Provider Course Completion Card.


Course length
The PALS Initial Certification Course is approximately 14 hours and completed in two days.
The PALS Update or Recert / Renewal Certification Course is approximately 6 hours and completed in one day.

Renew Certification

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Initial Certification

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