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​Veterans for Veterans 

Protecting Soldiers Rights (PSR) 503C

AFPD is heavily involved in supporting PSR and its mission. Since AFPD is owned and operated by veterans and believe in supporting and fighting for veterans needs in the community, PSR has proved that they are 100% involved in supporting the veteran mission.

Protecting Soldiers Rights

This is a community for all Veterans to share their stories of PTSD with or without TBI being used in the court systems against you with no other justification than you have PTSD. Across America these situations lead to restraining orders that have no just cause which in turn you lose quality time with your children, or its being used during court mediation for child custody and you are getting less time than you deserve due to these false claims. This community is for the innocent Men and Woman that fought for their country and the rights of freedom, to come home to the legal system turning their backs on the Veteran.

We are trying to set up relationships with Vocational Schools to get PTSD/TBI Veterans job training. Upon finishing school we will also be assisting with job placement for the Veteran to get back on his or her feet. We are also up to suggestions on what else we can do to get these Veterans on the right path and ease the adjustment into the civilian word and be an asset to their community.

This community is being set up with goals that we will achieve together in changing State and Federal legislation on protecting our rights that we were willing to go fight for. We would also like to amend the Soldier and Sailor Act to include a Veterans court in every county court house across the United States with a Judge that is either a Veteran or a panel of Veteran councilors that will help with the outcome of the case at hand.



Jack Griffith- CEO

(209) 602-6500

Protecting Soldiers Rights
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