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(AFPD) Academy for Professional Development Students enrolled in the Executive Protection Program train and conduct realistic on the job training scenarios

Academy for Professional Development (AFPD) is an approved private postsecondary education institution by the state of California and offers the vocational courses listed below. The faculty at AFPD all have prior law enforcement, military, and other government experience that is key to careers in the professional security industry. We strive to exceed state standards and offer classes that will provide students with the knowledge and training they need to succeed. Our programs are about learning a trade well and retaining that knowledge, so this training can be properly utilized during employment

Certified Executive Protection Specialist Program

Program Description


This is an intensive 14 day course that will challenge students from material being presented in a classroom setting to leading and being directly involved in realistic scenarios that mimic real life situations in order for the student to become well trained for a career in the professional security industry. The instructors at AFPD designed this course for persons who possess all certifications required to work in the State of California. If a person does not have the required certifications, three additional days will be added to this course and tuition amounts will be adjusted.Following our lesson plans, a student will not only learn how to be a team member but will also be given the training to become a shift leader. Every student learns to follow or lead by example. The executive protection industry is a fluid and ever changing dynamic environment to work in. Student must be prepared for this in order to be consummate professionals. ​

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Scheduled Start Dates

AFPD runs monthly EP courses now. We start at the first of each week of every month. Contact us for specifics. Prior service who are on VA benefits, you must have all paperwork and approvals in before beginning training.


Program Mission

The mission of this program is to provide students the means to work in the protection industry and to perform duties and tasks as an executive protection agent as well as a shift leader.

Program Objectives

Upon completion of this program, a student will obtain the skills necessary to effectively deploy as a protection agent, as well as take on the roles and responsibilities of a shift leader in the security and executive protection fields.

Students will also learn how to plan, execute, and operate other related security services. They will be trained to manage and lead operational teams that are employed by an employer or per contract. A portion of our course also focuses on teaching students the skills to become mid-level managers for all security operations and daily activities set forth by stated protection plans.​

Graduation Requirements

To complete this program, a student must complete all prescribed courses and earn a pass on all course assessments.

This course is an approved BPPE vocational training course.


​Total Clock Hours
Twelve (14) Days / 93 Hours


“The instructors at the school have a vast amount of tactical, operational and real world knowledge. This has helped prepare me for a career in Executive Protection"

EP Graduate
Executive Protection Graduate

Steve Pelerin / Executive Protection / Estate Protection Agent

Executive Protection Graduate

“Being a practitioner myself and having been deployed to working in the industry, the program taught me new fundamentals. I am always a student and AFPD has a professional program taught by instructors of merit".

Danny Fessenden / Executive Protection / EP Agent

EP Grad Loyd
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