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What do Emergency Medical Technicians do?

Emergency Medical Technicians provide pre hospital care and transportation for critical and emergent patients who access the emergency medical services (EMS) system. EMTs have the basic knowledge and skills necessary to stabilize and safely transport patients, ranging from non-emergency and routine medical transports to life threatening emergencies. Emergency Medical Technicians function as part of a comprehensive EMS response system. Emergency Medical Technicians perform interventions with the basic equipment, typically found on an ambulance and are a critical link between the scene of an emergency and the health care system.

In addition, EMTs have extensive professional opportunities aside from working on an ambulance. As an EMT you can work as an Emergency Room Technician, Security/Medical Responder in a Casino, on sight medical for events such as football games, concerts, the fair etc. An Emergency Medical Technician Certification can also be a stepping stone to pursuing other careers, such as Firefighter, Nurse, Paramedic, Physician Assistant, and so much more. Becoming an EMT is not only exciting, but rewarding with endless possibilities.

From the: National EMS Scope of Practice Model


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